I was really looking forward to this gig, and from a performance point of view it was amazing. The thing is, I have never, ever, ever shot under such ridiculous circumstances.

The band had an enormous walkway extending from the stage right out into about a third of the audience. No problem there, but the designated photo area was at the very end of this 60ft walkway, and at no point did any member of the band come down to the photographers. I’ve shot at the MEN a few times before, and only ever needed my 24-70mm lens, and access to my camera bag was granted if I needed different gear. No such access this time – once you were in the photo pit, you were there for the three songs.

This will be something I’m chalking up as experience. Although I believe communication between the arena and the photographers could have been improved, it’s something I’ve learnt from and my 70-200mm will always be with me!

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  1. by Nick

    The PR really screwed you here man – I cant believe how they didnt tell you, or let you go grab another lens. Just amateur.

    At least for Beyonce we were given advance notice of the set-up, and they took us in with 15 mins to spare so we could see where we were shooting and make any changes.

    Really nice shots all the same, but appreciate how frustrating it is.

    I’ve just ended up taking my full kit bag with me all the time -it’s a bugger to carry, but it covers my arse at least!

    plus at least nobody was walking infront of you 😉

  2. I read your comment somewhere else and didn’t expect the results to be so good. You did well, very well in fact, under the circumstances.

  3. by Andy

    Nick – Yeah I’d definitely agree the Beyoncé situation was far harsher, but the heasdup was at least some consolation I suppose. You got some cracking shot too, so congratulations! (and yeah, no fear at all of anyone taking up much of the frame!)

    Mark – Thanks for your kind words. I was in two minds about the results leaving the arena, but happy enough with them considering the conditions.

    My bag will now be glued to me at the MEN!

  4. by Willem

    hihi…..being follow ur blog for amoslt a yr juz wan ask if the japanese brand SUQQU is available in HK??sorry to comment here but i dno wer to msg u….thx a lot

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