If you remember the early ’00s, you’ll remember the enormous fuss made over Westlife, and how they pretty much dominated the charts for a good few years. I think there was even talk about them being more successful than The Beatles or something massive like that.

Either way, I remember the early ’00s, and I remember how most girls my age (back then) were completely obsessed with them. It was a bit surreal for me to photograph Westlife – they’re one of those groups that you never really think you’d ever actually see live. A bit like Led Zep, or Nirvana. Just a lot more poppy, and much more alive. That’s right – I just compared Led Zeppelin and Nirvana to Westlife.

As it happened, this also threw up my first chance to a) see a concert in a stadium and b) shoot it.

Something I failed to mention before was that I shot this gig for Heart Bristol. Here’s a screengrab from the front page of their website: