This was my first assignment for The Fly, although originally it was supposed to have been my second, but you can read more about that in the ‘fun.’ post, as it’s not really something to write about here. The thing to write about in this post is the lighting in the venue. Heaven is probably better known for it’s G-A-Y nights, but making a strong foray into live music with some pretty bit names.

I arrived during the first support act’s set, which was lit like the lighting guy had itchy fingers and had downed an entire crate of Red Bull. For someone like Slayer or Trash Talk, I can understand using lighting like this, but not for a run-of-the-mill indie band. The video under the main picture (and the camera blitzing out and showing lots of black lines is it’s inability to cope with the conditions!!)

While I’m talking about the video, it’s a good opportunity to mention something new I’m doing with the site. I’ve recently upgraded my phone to something that works (i.e. not a Vodafone 360 handset, which I used before…) and also has the ability to update my site remotely. This is cool, because I can post live updates from gigs and festivals, in bite-sized blog-like chunks. Just click on the link in the navigation bar!