Of the various logos and visual identities I have created, the most in-depth and demanding development has been during my employment at University for the Creative Arts Students’ Union (UCASU).

UCASU exists to provide support, opportunities, and activities for the students at the university. As such, the identity should be suitable for application to a wide range of services and areas of work, and engage a dynamic, young audience.

ClientUCA Students' UnionServicesArt Direction, DesignYear2016 - present


The primary external-facing logo uses the U device to the left, with the name of the organisation to the right. As University for the Creative Arts is a small university, its initials (UCA) are not known well nationally. For this reason, the full name of the university is written out, with Students’ Union taking the prime spot.


For use with internal audiences (which is the majority of applications, UCASU uses the U icon without full name text. Three versions were created to suit the type of situation the logo would be placed in to. The green icon is the primary asset, with the magenta icon as alternative and grey for use where colour cannot be used.


The versatile icon is applied by UCASU to identify different services or areas of the organisation which require differentiation while remaining part of the family.


It was important to the development of identity that students were able to feel ownership and association with the brand.

As part of this, a programme called UxYOU was started at the same time as the brand launch to encourage students to submit their own versions of the icon. This icon is then used across the organisation’s social media platforms.


The identity comes to life when used in the campus environment. From magnets to bags and flags, UCASU’s identity is prominent and recognisable across the estate, and embraced by students as a symbol of life at university.


The Freshers period at the beginning of the academic year is such a large project that it has its own visual style, which is used across all marketing material and collateral. Of course, it keeps the U icon in a prominent location.


UCASU’s bar and venue Glasshouse required a distinctive mark to create a separate yet familiar association with its parent brand. The Glasshouse logotype is used across all marketing material related to events and point of sale.