Despite being on the tour for 49 days, covering over 11,000 miles and visiting 38 venues all over the UK, I never had both the time and permission to shoot Peter Andre’s performance, until the final date in Jersey.

As anyone clued up about music photography will know, the standard rule is to shoot the first three songs without flash. Once you’re done, you’re done – no more chances. For this tour, the management had ruled that photographers were only to shoot during the first two songs, which although cuts the potential of great shots by 33.3%, isn’t really the end of the world. Besides, I’ve heard of other acts (*cough* Beyonce *cough*) allowing only 90 seconds in which to work, with the first 30 seconds appearing only in silhouette.

The rules for me, for whatever reason, were different. Despite no other photographers attending in Jersey, and everyone knowing that I wasn’t going to cause trouble, I was given just one song. Lovely.