Think this is the coolest backstage/hospitality area I’ve been in. I’m on a real leather sofa in a first-story fake living room with free Relentless. Just waiting for bands to start.


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  1. by Giang

    Hi,I am a HUGE fan of yours! HUGE! I stumble upon your wesbite by complete accident almost a year ago, and it blew me away! I can honestly say watching the posted videos, even the introduction to your wesbite, was the first thing that REALLY made me excited about have a wedding of my own. I shared videos with all of my family and friends and constantly refer to your site whenever wedding discussions come up! My fiance9 and I have been together for just over 5 years, and we definitely a very unique life I wouldn’t trade it for anything, but we are 1500 miles away from either of our families . which at times has been hard. I feel like there are moments of our lives that they miss out on and sometimes I’m afraid they don’t get to see what I see in him everyday does that make sense? maybe it sounds silly, but when I saw your videos, I realized that is exactly what you guys do. I guess I’m rambling here a bit, but I saw the post, where you might be coming to America, so I thought I could inquire and ask if you have any openings left for next year? We are planning an early May wedding at the Outer Banks of North Carolina Corolla. I know it’s probably a shot in the dark, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask, right?Thank you! and keep doing what you are doing! Your team is so talented and what you do is simply amazing!Love it love it -love it!Tammy (and Seth)

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  19. buena pelicula…aunque estamos ya acostumbrados a esto es quiza el morbo de ver una vez mas como el mundo es destruido y tambien es la emocion que ocasiona…buenos efectos especiales tambien y una historia atrayente…porque si no hubiera d quien contar la historia la pelicula s volveria un documental…ya solo faltan 3 semanas…

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