Last year, this tour was due to stop at a venue I worked for, but the date got moved to a bigger city, meaning I missed out. Fortunately, I was able to shoot it this time around, at London’s Hammersmith Apollo. Good things come to those who wait, I guess.

For In Flames, we were allowed to use flash, which is quite a rarity. I’m not a big fan of using flash for live shots – it doesn’t suit my style that well, and it tends to just cover the whole scene in a harsh light, making the photos come out quite amateurish. Despite endeavouring for a minute or so without flash, the sheer volume of smoke and lack of front lighting forced me to add some light of my own. A diffuser was used to smooth out the light and remove harsh shadows.

I later noticed the tally of crowdsurfers kept by venue security. In Flames generated 138 coming over the top, and from what I saw later, a good few of them ended up in the first aid room…

Killswitch had quite a late stage time of 21:50, giving them only just over an hour to headline the tour. Judging from the action in the pit, KSE had a far greater number of crowdsurfers, and although I don’t know the actual figure, I’d reckon two or three times as many as In Flames. I’ve never known security have to deal with so many in the first three songs before.