The last week I’ve received some of the best photo pass designs I’ve had my four years (so far) of shooting live music. Jägermeister always provide excellent merch and stuff at gigs (in the past I’ve collected stickers, acrylic branding, hand warmers and three different designs of lanyard, but tonight’s pass was nicely designed and attached to a neoprene feel lanyard with keyring and carabiner. I’ve costed these types of things in a previous job, and I know they’re expensive, and normally too much to just hand out unless you have a) a massive promotional budget and b) a mission to associate your brand with a seriously high quality product. It works out though, because now I’ll be using this lanyard pretty much everywhere I go (good work, marketing team).

Jägermeister’s event tonight was the first of a national tour and everyone attending got in free (massive budget, yes?) What’s more the bands were actually good. Win/win.


Exit Ten

The Defiled