Having a band name like “fun.” may seem cool when you first think of it, until it looks like anyone who writes about you can’t spell or use grammar. This was supposed to have been my first assignment for The Fly, the day before Two Door Cinema Club.

As it turned out, fun.’s gig had been rearranged to the same day as Two Door Cinema Club, presenting me with a bit of a challenge. Fair play to all fun.’s PR though, who sorted me out with a AAA pass so I could shoot TDCC as previously planned, and then rush over to fun. afterwards. A rush it was, too.

Two Door Cinema Club walked on stage 15 minutes late, meaning I was even further behind schedule and running the risk of not catching fun. at all. Once my three songs were up, I dashed for the Tube and made the 30-ish minute journey to the Islington Academy from Charing Cross with all my gear. I arrived with two songs and an encore left, which fortunately was more than I needed to get some decent shots.