The dominating feature of today has been the torrential downpour that lasted for between four and five hours. I’d been texted a ‘severe weather warning’ in the morning by a friend working on security, mentioning heavy rain from 3 to 6pm. The rain arrived 30 minutes late and outstayed its welcome, lasting well into 8pm.

As the first drops began to fall, the prepared photographers (myself included, of course!) scrambled their protective rain covers for their cameras, intending to keep working throughout the ‘inclement weather’ (as Tube announcements would say). Eventually I managed to blag a free poncho from a member of pit security, meaning that I could be dry(ish) too. The rain persisted throughout, and even the protective covers I had on my cameras were struggling to keep out all the rain. In the shuttle bus between stages I noticed that the grip on my second camera was sitting in 1-2mm of water that had gathered inside the rain cover. Not a lot of water, but certainly enough to get inside and fry the electrics. Testament to Canon’s engineering, it the seals worked and kept the water out.

I’d given up on keeping my feet dry quite early on. The only was this was ever going to be possible was if I hid inside the press tent for the remainder of the festival and not step outside. Nobody ever got decent photos that way so out I stepped. Into an inch of slush.

For even more photographs, check out my Download Festival Day 3 collection on Flickr.


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