So it has been confirmed! I’m off to Download this year along with Press entry and a photo pass.

I’ve been three times before as a paying customer (that pic up there was taken on my mobile in 2005). I’ve had a bit of history with Download, and not all of it good. The second year I went, which was the first year I camped, it was the hottest summer on record. Neither the choice of campsite nor arena offered any protection from the blistering heat, and I woke up every morning soaked, with an aeroplane flying over my tent to land at the nearby East Midlands airport. I suppose I benefitted from the safety of huge quantities of dust sticking to my sun-creamed arms to guard against the UV though I guess.

The year after, it was so cold I think I was one stage away from pneumonia. Not good.

Hopefully this year Download will be kinder to me. Can’t wait.

Below is a video I took in 2005 of the bottle war in the crowd, and next to that is my first proper pit action. With Slayer.