Interviews and Sessions

A lot of my most frequent work now happens in radio studios and session rooms, instead of venues. This offers much greater opportunity to get the shot just how I want it, being able to move around the subject rather and having the lighting just right, instead of just working […]


F.I.G.M.O. – Manchester

Had a great laugh up in Manchester shooting some promos for F.I.G.M.O. – I’d shot Ben in his previous band Forth By Day so it was great to work with him again. The band always performed in army gear, so besides some Manchester location shots, we really wanted to something […]


Better Left Alone – Lancashire

Way back at the tail-end of September, I spent a couple of hours with Better Left Alone under a pier in St. Anne’s for their new promotional shots. It was a grim night, with plenty of wind and the night closing in quicker than we could get to the location. […]


G2L Conceptual promotion shots – Manchester

After the girls had finished their set at the Manchester Apollo, we headed outside into the chilling night air to try out an idea I had for some promotional shots. They hadn’t spent much serious time in front of a camera shooting this sort of thing, so made sense to […]


Ben – Manchester/Newcastle

Meet Ben. Ben is a DnB/thumpy music DJ and Producer from London, and also my colleague. He jumped on the Peter Andre tour with me to help out and offer an extra pair of hands to deal with the workload on the road. While in Manchester (at the Apollo) and […]


Thinking For Tuesday – Hampshire

I met Thinking For Tuesday last summer in Manchester, when they should have won Female First‘s Band Wars event. We arranged to hook up and shoot some promo style stuff once I’d moved down south. The band had a couple of ideas they wanted to try out, and I had […]


Better Left Alone – St. Annes, Lancashire

Spent a couple of hours with the Better Left Alone boys under a pier in St. Annes, Lancashire. Every gust of wind rolling off the Irish coast caught the lighting umbrellas, but all the kit stayed dry and undamaged!


Hip Parade promo – NCP Car Park, Manchester

So, I did a shoot for runners-up of the Orange Unsigned Act competition, Hip Parade, yesterday. I only found out I was doing it 10 minutes before it had to happen, but something I’d been wanting to do for a while was to get everyone into a very confined space, […]