Around June or July last year, I was wondering to myself how I’d managed to avoid shooting Bullet For My Valentine. I’d been shooting a lot of shows in that sort of scene, from Funeral For A Friend, to the Kerrang! Tour, and Gallows to The Blackout etc, but never actually managed to get a pass for Bullet.

Then, Sonisphere Festival rolled around in August, and I finally managed to add Bullet to my list when they headlined the second stage. After all, they contributed to a large part of my ‘life’s soundtrack’ in my second year at uni, so I was always eager to add them to my portfolio. Tonight though was finally a real opportunity.

BFMV released their kind-of third proper album today (not including their EPs), called Fever. To celebrate, MySpace held a ‘secret’ show in the Islington Academy, which music writers will describe as ‘intimate’. Seriously, it’s pretty small in there. Pretty hot too. Nothing wrong with that though, it’s not a proper gig unless you leave soaked in other peoples’ sweat.